Commercial Security Cameras and Industry Solutions

Whether it is driving productivity through eyes, senses and remote communications with sites, stopping theft, trespass and vandalism or improving safety through smart warning, mustering and sensing technologies, Spectur’s industrial security systems can help. We provide organisations with the option to buy, lease or hire the right security system for them, from cutting-edge industrial 4G remote monitoring cameras to solar-powered commercial security cameras. Australia-wide, Australian made.

Local, state and federal governments can all benefit from Spectur’s state-of-the-art industrial security cameras. We work with departments and agencies at every level to install solutions that can warn people of danger, monitor sites remotely, and sense and deter unwanted activity such as illegal dumping and vandalism.​​​

There is a community expectation for utilities to work, always. Spectur can reduce interruptions and associated costs by reducing trespassing, theft, vandalism and other crime. Our commercial outdoor security camera systems work with solar power and batteries, requiring no cabling for power or internet so you can easily install them to remotely sense, think and act onsite.​

Whether your site challenge is simple or complex, speaking with a Spectur expert can help you solve it.

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