Actively monitor, secure, warn and protect

Solar powered smart security and warning systems.

A Spectur solar security camera used for sensing and active surveillance.
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If after 30 days you're not completely happy with your Spectur solution, we'll remove the equipment and give you a full refund.*

Solar cameras that autonomously sense, think and act.

Spectur protects people and property using sophisticated tech. Each camera system can sense, think and act in many ways: whether it’s to actively deter crime onsite, stop illegal rubbish dumping or warn against danger.



Cameras and optional sensors connect to Spectur’s edge and cloud-based processors, so live site data can be monitored 24/7.



Decision rules and AI are continuously applied to interpret data and trigger actions. You can use our AI, or connect a third-party option.



Choose from a range of actions to trigger autonomously, including onsite alarms, internet or app alerts, lights, switching and more.

Spectur systems are solar powered and smart.

Powerful solutions, each powered by the sun. Our camera systems are entirely wireless with quality solar panels and rechargeable batteries. Each station runs for up to four days without sunlight. Meanwhile, a built-in 3G/4G modem transmits data remotely and triggers set actions as needed.

All this makes Spectur exceptionally useful across construction sites, government property, utilities, beaches, farms and other remote sites. Here are a few of the ways Spectur can help.

A Spectur smart solar camera installed for active surveillance.

With crystal clear images recorded multiple times per second, it’s easy to remotely monitor site security, project progress, deliveries and changes over time.

A would-be criminal is actively deterred by a Spectur solar security camera in Australia.

Spectur cleverly recognises and responds to human and vehicular activity using AI. The system can alert you instantly, while emitting a loud spoken warning and lighting onsite to deter crime.

A shark swimming close to shore can be quickly sensed by an early warning system.

We customise smart early warning systems to protect the public against fire, flood, sharks, tsunamis and other specified hazards, with optional two-way communications, smart boxes and more.

A visualisation of a smart city and network, connected by Spectur solar cameras.

Combine sensors and third-party AI with Spectur to build the IoT system you need, from smart city parking solutions to autonomous environmental monitoring.

Whether your site challenge is simple or complex, speaking with a Spectur expert can help you solve it.

One surveillance ecosystem.
Multiple options.

Whether your focus is beach safety or crime prevention, Spectur has a system designed to suit. Our tech team can help you choose the right solar powered security camera in Australia. We can quickly configure and customise your solution to get you up and running quickly.

artificial intelligence for security systems the STA6 camera

The ultimate vision and sensing platform, including up to four long-range 4K or thermal cameras in one housing. Its advanced cloud and edge-based processing expands the possibilities for sensing and AI.

artificial intelligence security system the HD5 camera

The original Spectur solution. An affordable one-camera system that supports full-colour HD surveillance, motion detection and active deterrence through loud and bright onsite warnings.

Intelligent warning systems SWC5 camera

The right choice for smart early warning systems. Onsite warnings and comms are made effective through a built-in loudspeaker, bright lights plus optional LED signboard and VoIP phone.

A trailer base with a solar panel, one of the available Spectur accessories.

Expand and extend the capabilities of your Spectur wireless security camera. Choose from mobile trailers, bases, sensors, solar lighting solutions and more to optimise your onsite protection.

Here’s what gives a Spectur solar powered
security camera the edge

Great image
quality 24/7

Find detail even in low light, with up to four 4K starlight cameras, thermal or HD cameras with floodlights.

User friendly

Spectur’s app is intuitive to use, and our Australian-based team can remotely push updates to each system.

Live & remote

Check in at any time, from anywhere on your screen. A perfect camera option for remote site management.

Wireless outdoor

A truly reliable solar outdoor security camera, with an extended battery life and no wires or cables needed.

Advanced motion detection

This unique solar security camera in Australia uses AI to distinguish human and vehicle activity to minimise false alarms.

Time lapse and
cloud storage

Produce crisp time lapses with your Spectur outdoor security camera to show progress or changes over time.

Up and running

Our cameras can be easily installed by one person, without working at height. Mobile and other mounts are also available.

Full monitoring station integration

Spectur can send security alerts and data to your team, a third party monitoring station or our own monitoring service.


Customise action triggers for your solar and battery powered security camera to suit the way you want to monitor.

Remote connection
to sensors

Remotely connect sensors to monitor for vibrations, smoke, temperature or other qualities and receive threshold alerts.

Multiple alarm and
recording modes

Easily change your recording settings and schedule, preferred frame rate and onsite alarm conditions.

Works well
with others

Spectur works smoothly with third-party AI software and IoT sensors, supporting both simple and sophisticated solutions.

Remotely programmed spoken warnings

Customise your message to people onsite, or enable two-way communication with an optional VoIP phone.

99.9% uptime

With a 3G/4G modem built right in and secure cloud storage for your data, these systems are remarkably dependable.

A range of lighting

Spectur cameras can be lit by a 50W floodlight, smart LED lighting, flashing warning lights or separate custom lighting options.

Rent or

You can hire, buy or lease Spectur solutions to suit your needs – perfect for both short and long term projects.

See how Spectur can prevent crime 24/7

Instead of simply recording crime, why not actively deter it? Watch how quickly intruders leave after being detected and warned by this Spectur camera system. Meanwhile, it’s easy to download clear imagery for insurance claims and police reports.

The real-world results speak for themselves

BMC Constructions

We were experiencing a significant amount of loss on our project sites and we needed a solution to our security dilemma. Since changing to Spectur, we’ve had a mass reduction in theft. We’re saving more than $100K annually in security fees compared to the other solutions we were using.

Marsupial Landscape Management

Our compound was experiencing a significant amount of theft. Since we started using Spectur’s product a few months ago, we’ve seen a mass reduction in theft and false alarms compared to the solution we previously used.

Perth Builders

“We’ve been using the Spectur system for a year. I’ve not had a single crime on site. On previous jobs, I’ve had very bad experiences with crimes that caused lengthy and costly delays. Our margins are very tight, so delays can mean the difference between making and losing money on a project. The Spectur system has been 100% effective.”

Used and trusted by organisations of all sizes, from small and local to multinationals

Australian built solar cameras.
Ready for anywhere.

Spectur is a homegrown success story, growing from a back-shed idea to a national ASX-listed company with five offices in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Auckland, and a network of resellers and suppliers elsewhere. Our solar technology platforms are designed, manufactured and coded in Australia. That means no matter where you install a Spectur system, you can expect reliability, leading design and genuinely helpful support, with your data never leaving the country.


We’ve designed a solar powered security camera for Australia and all of its rugged environments, from scorching summers to icy winters. Camera housings and components are built tough and proven in diverse conditions.

No wiring or
cabling needed

Wire free, cable free, hassle free. A Spectur battery and solar powered security camera system can be installed and active within the day. We can supply in-ground mounts, mobile bases and other options to suit how you want to monitor sites.


With its reliable onboard modem and optional antenna amplification systems, Spectur works in any location where there’s even a fraction of mobile reception. Monitor from anywhere, thanks to secure cloud storage. Our technology team can provide remote support and updates to ensure you’re up to speed.

Speak to us today for a surveillance solution
to suit your needs

Contact us to discuss options to hire, buy or lease Spectur systems. Our systems are ready to go for most applications, and we can custom engineer specific solutions.

An icon representing the Money Back Guarantee on all Spectur solar cameras.

If after 30 days you're not completely happy with your Spectur
solution, we'll remove the equipment and give you a full refund.*

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Spectur's product capabilities range from solar security cameras, remote security systems, warning systems and time-lapse platforms.